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Proposed Toilet Paper Tax in Florida to be Flushed

Yes, there is a proposal before the Florida legislature to add a two-cent tax per package on toilet paper. Insert your favorite joke here. No, it is not sponsored by the Tidy Bowl man nor is being carried on the back of Toilet Duck.

This story is being floated by AP. Republican leaders want to flush this bill out of existence. While it might be a crappy idea, at least is has some imagination to it. Perhaps, it has a better chance for success in Flushing, New York? or does this idea stink?

Okay, I must stop myself before I have to wipe this post clean.

Posted by Catherine on March 11, 2005
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This post stinks! Just kidding.

Posted by: stacy | Mar 11, 2005 1:52:56 PM

Yes, this may be rather piss poor writing on my part. Okay, help me! I can't stop myself.

Posted by: catherine | Mar 11, 2005 2:49:04 PM

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