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Coverage on Downing Street

Good news! Yesterday's hearing has made a difference. Be sure to check out the summary over at Shakespeare's Sister.

Chicago Tribune


Village Voice

Detroit Free Press

The Boston Globe

This only to name a few. A big hearty thanks to my fell members of the Big Brass Alliance and Cogressman Conyers. Keep up the pressure!

Posted by Catherine on June 17, 2005
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THANK YOU! It's swell to see all these links! I was wondering why there was so little regional coverage ... I asked if anyone had seen anything beyond the NYT, Post, and other mainstreamy big guns.

PBS NewsHour With Jim Lehrer also devoted a lavish 10-15 minutes to the subject, and they had Ray McGovern facing off against someone from the American Enterprise Institute. They even compiled all the memos in one spot:

No wonder the Repubs want to cut their funding!

Posted by: Pepper | Jun 18, 2005 10:38:01 PM

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