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Gropenator is Wrong on Calling Special Election

Here is the California Democratic Party's response. A lot of it is right on. This is a huge waste, of time, money and energy. Right, the Reps aren't devisive.  BTW, check out the cartoon over at Marching Orders.

Statement of Senator Art Torres (Ret.), Chairman of the California Democratic Party, on the Decision of Gov. Schwarzenegger to Call a Special Election

Californians to Pay $80 Million for Special Election for Special Interests

"The Governor is sticking it to the California taxpayers he swore to protect.  $80 million for a special election so that the voters will do his job, because he won't.  It would be better to use the $80 million for needed services and for Arnold to get back to work to solve California's problems before the taxpayers fire him!

"Instead of focusing on strengthening California's economy and working with the Legislature, the millionaire governor is wasting more than $80 million that our State desperately needs for more important matters:

"$80 Million for this special election could instead pay for:

  • $80 million pays a year of tuition for more than 14,000 UC students or more than 34,000 Cal-State students.
  • $80 million pays for more than 2,400 new elementary school teachers to teach our children.
  • $80 million pays for more than 1,600 new registered nurses to help patients receive better care.
  • $80 million pays for more than 1,700 new police officers to keep our neighborhoods safe.
  • $80 million pays for more than 1,700 new firefighters to protect our communities and keep our natural resources safe.
  • $80 million pays for more than 4,300 caregivers so over 5,600 seniors and persons with disabilities can receive quality homecare.
  • $80 million pays for a year of health insurance for approx. 30,000 uninsured Californians between the ages of 30-49
  • $80 million also keeps more than 2,285 criminals locked up and off our streets.

"In calling this special election, the governor disregards the constitutional process that is in place to protect the people and government of this state.  Instead of doing the job he was elected to do, to work with the Legislature, his decision is to take the easy way out, regardless of the huge price tag that Californians will pay.

"Schwarzenegger says that he is for the people, but the reality is he represents his big business contributors.  After promising not to take money from special interests, Schwarzenegger has broken all fundraising records.  To date, Arnold has raised nearly $30 million from the special interests that he vowed never to accept money from.  What part of hypocrite does he not understand?

"This special election further burdens communities throughout this State that are already facing tremendous budget shortfalls.  The governor gives local governments no choice but to make further cuts to vital services that protect their communities." 

Posted by Catherine on June 15, 2005
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Sounds like Ahnuld is having a temper tantrum. It's kind of fun to watch the meltdown.

Posted by: Scott | Jun 16, 2005 7:03:52 AM

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