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Over Grown Boys With Too Much Technology

Well, another day is coming to an end and what do you know, the over-sized boys have yet to realize that perhaps they forgot to use their brains to write their posts and make their ads.

Yes, I forgot that I am a hormonal, hysterical woman who is not capable of rational thought -- and god forbid not recognizing humor when I read it.

Whoa! What an ass am I? I forgot that reducing women is funny, good comedic stuff. Just as taking a swipe at a woman who chooses not to shave her legs -- very original.

Yes, thanks to all my fellow Democrats who simply believe that it is best to placate women than to actually give a shit that we still make less money, are expected to work, keep a home and raise the children.  Wow, so thanks for boring yourselves every so often at a convention, so you can then turn around us and ask for a contribution.

Cool, thanks for marginalizing us once again!

Read these wonderful, intelligent women, too.

Pinko Feminist Hellcat, Pam's House Blend and Pandagon

Posted by Catherine on June 13, 2005
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