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Free the Papers of Roberts

Yes, the partisan gamesmanship is alive and well in Washington DC. The Shrub regime refuses to release documents when their nominee worked for the first Shrub regime. Hmmm? Why is that? What have you boys got to hide? If nothing, then fork over the papers. There is something wrong with this John Roberts guy -- we just need time to find it. Attorney General Gonzales seems to have been snapped into place:

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said he opposes releasing documents from the time Roberts worked in the solicitor general's office.

Releasing them, Gonzales said in an interview Tuesday with The Associated Press, "would chill communication and opinion and giving advice" among administration attorneys and their superiors. "I think that would be harmful to this country," he said.

Um, more harmful than the Bush Administration? More harmful than the instill fear in Americans at every turn plan? I think not.


Sen. Patrick Leahy, top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, had said earlier that material written in confidence while serving in an administration has been provided in the past — for instance by Reagan when he nominated William H. Rehnquist for chief justice.

Another committee member, Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., said Tuesday, "There is no privilege, there is no rule and there is no logic that would bar us from getting these documents. ... We have four weeks to examine John Roberts' record, and for the White House to set up a confrontation is counterproductive to proceeding on this nomination in a dignified manner."

From the San Francisco Chronicle.

Posted by Catherine on July 26, 2005
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I wish that they could tell us how/why it would be harmful. Nice on call on the fear plan, BTW.

Posted by: Paul | Jul 26, 2005 3:16:24 PM

An Up-or-Down vote on Judge Roberts sure would put a damper on the left's "Legislating from the Bench" approach, wouldn't it?

I can't wait for November "06 when the leadership in the Democrat party is challenged.

I just don't understand why it is the Senators on the left don't legislate instead of complain about how badly the administration is doing.

They don't want the Ten Commandments in any government courthouse, yet, They back prisoners who want their qu'rans.

You jump on the stories of violence against our enemies (who are trying their best to kill us, mind you) yet it's ok to abort an unborn child.

I think the Democrat party is going into an uncontrollable nosedive. Hillary Clinton will never be President. Mark my words.

Posted by: tony | Jul 27, 2005 4:46:53 AM

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