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Bush Labels Miers As Fine

A real ringing and articulate endorsement came out of the mouth of W this morning regarding his SCOTUS nominee, Harriet Sycophant Miers. The CEO (Chief Embarrassment Officer) says that she is a fine person and has a good record. Whoa, am blown away with the comments. He could have said that she is swell and neat-o.

When asked about documents that Miers has generated while working in the White House, Bush said that he will not release them.

"Requests ... have been made by Democrats and Republicans about paperwork out of this White House that would make it impossible for me and other presidents to be able to make sound decisions," Bush said.

"People can learn about Harriet Miers through hearings, but we are not going to destroy this business about people being able to walk into the Oval Office and say, 'Mr. President, here's my advice to you. Here's what I think is important,'" he added.

Oh, like the sound decision to go to War in Iraq? The sound decision to have your brother steal the State of Florida for you? Or, how to help the poor, black people in New Orleans?

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Posted by Catherine on October 24, 2005
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Relax ... it almost Fitzmas.

Posted by: blogenfreude | Oct 24, 2005 1:18:09 PM

He thinks she's "fine"? Like, "fine" like, "Ooh, baby, you're so fine" or "fine" like a fine-point pen?

That crashing sound you hear? That's the bar going lower so fast its ears are popping.

Posted by: Thesaurus Rex | Oct 24, 2005 6:01:34 PM

How incredible is that? A Supreme Court Justice!?! Does he think he's nominating her for the local Homeowner's Association? Dogcatcher? "She's okay, I guess"...he must gauge everyone else by his own abysmal standards. And I suppose it does have a certain sad logic - if someone as completely and utterly unqualified as he is can be President, why can't someone else equally unqualified be a Supreme Court Justice?

Posted by: Alicia | Oct 24, 2005 6:06:13 PM

Of course Harriet Miers is fine. She's a good person. She's swell and neat-o. That's why she should be on the Supreme Court.

If Georgie ever released the documentation regarding Harriet Miers work in the White House, you can bet that both the Democrats and Republicans would probably discover her own involvment in this disaster we call ad administration. Take your pick on the scandal of the day--Valerie Plame? Katrina-FEMA? War in Iraq? As President Bush's personal legal counsel, Miers has probably seen just about every piece of legal documentation going through the White House. What a good person to have on the Supreme Court if you get impeached within the next couple of years?

Posted by: Eric A Hopp | Oct 24, 2005 6:08:32 PM

The sad thing is is that she is not even "fine." Would it be a stretch to say there are 50,000 more qualified people to sit on the Supreme Court? I don't think so.

Then again, there are probably 10,000,000 people more qualified to be president, so ...

Posted by: Scott | Oct 25, 2005 7:22:32 AM

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