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Harriet Miers' ProBono Hint

According to Whitehouse.gov, Miers has done probono work for EXODUS Ministries. Let's take a look at them, shall we?

From their site:

At EXODUS, we recognize that recently released and paroled ex-offenders need help. In addition to their need for intimate knowledge of the saving grace of Jesus Christ, these individuals and their families also need a sense of belonging and acceptance. Most need a place to live. Some need counseling, including treatment for drug and alcohol dependence. All need Christian fellowship.

In its six-month intensive, resident program, at it's 20-unit apartment center, EXODUS reaches ex- fellowship, counseling, arrangements for housing and food, and a supportive church home.

Translation: After six months you, too, will be brainwashed into being a Bible-thumper. Also, please stop breeding, we really do not like poor people.

Stability. Maturity. Strength of character. EXODUS seeks to instill these traits in its residents through Bible study and discipleship training. As families reunite, the program nurtures healthy family relationships.

Translation: You can pretend that you are uptight white people, just like us.  Discipleship training -- what the hell is that?

Take a look at the qualifications -- forcing us to have to be families and have religion crammed down their throats. To re-affirm this view, read the objective section of their website.

Posted by Catherine on October 4, 2005
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Grrr ...

... at least it turned out not to be the other Exodus Ministries, which does the same thing with homosexuals ...

... brainwashing and the USA, where people are "free". What a joke.

Posted by: g | Oct 4, 2005 7:40:42 AM

sadly unsurprising. a little over-the-top, but as a Bushie, that's hardly surprising either. depressing, yes.

discipleship training is where you're taught to believe everything you hear, never question someone who presumes an office of authority (unless they're a Godless Democrat), and basically sell your soul to someone else's dogma. graduates get a list of every AM station that airs Rush Limbaugh anywhere in the world.

Posted by: commander other | Oct 4, 2005 7:49:59 AM

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