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More Miers Mischief

Apparently, the White House Suck Up aka Harriet Miers is not making anyone happy -- liberals, moderates or conservatives. Oh boy!  You can find bitching about her on both sides of the aisles across this great blogosphere of ours.

A great article from the San Francisco Chronicle quotes this professor who hits the nail on the head:

"It's not her lack of judicial experience by itself but her lack of experience combined with any other public record," said Vic Amar, professor at Hastings Law School in San Francisco. She wasn't a law professor, a solicitor general, a senator -- as were other justices who vaulted onto the court without being judges first.

"It's wrong to call her a blank slate," Amar said. "It's more accurate to call her a closed slate. It's not that nobody knows what she thinks, but the public doesn't."

The cynic in me thinks that she is being appointed , so she can never testify against Bushie or any of his cronies. Who are we kidding? She has read every piece of paper that has come into the White House and the Oval Office. It is this or she suddenly disappears, people.

Posted by Catherine on October 6, 2005
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oh man. good point!

Posted by: minnie | Oct 6, 2005 4:16:37 PM

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