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Like Nancy Said, Just Say "No"

(Trying to uphold all things PovertyBarn and Catherine, I submit another post to you today in her absence -- SourKraut)

Drugs can be good, drugs can be bad.  The drug of politics can be addictive, and the drug of euphoria that comes from being impress by fame can wane.  That's exactly what the good voters of California said last night, defeating all eight of the propositions put on the ballot by The Govenator's special election.  They said "no" to Arnold.

Cost of the election=>$700M. Cost of a U-Haul from Sacramento to Beverley Hills=$247. Cost of a soundly defeated election on Arnold's chances of re-election next year= Priceless.   (Let's send him packing to the land of celebrity game show guests, and charity golf tournaments.)

Some mornings after an election are sweet (today), others are sour (2004), but this morning after election day is tasty! (as in "I can taste mid-term victories next year!")  Democrats and other rational people, let's not blow this momentum!

Also, good news, the Democrats held onto governor slots in New Jersey and Virginia.

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Posted by SourKraut on November 9, 2005
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This is excellent news!

Posted by: Catherine | Nov 10, 2005 3:29:55 AM

Please help turn the inbred tide in Ohio!

Posted by: David | Nov 10, 2005 10:16:08 AM

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