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Turn This Murtha Out

Rep. John Murtha confirmed his belief that we will not have a military victory in Iraq. He also holds steadfast in his conviction that Iraq is being wrongly labeled by ShrubCo as the center of terrorism. This makes sense to me. Weren't we told that we needed to go after Osama bin Laden who was/is the center of terrorism and all things anti-American? Murtha seems to enjoy reminding the Republibrats about these minor details.

The conservatives hate Murtha and really find a way to point finger at Bill Clinton, again. Plus it must piss them off that he was a real soldier unlike Dumb Dumb. It is sad that they need to take cheap shots at a man who stands up for what he believes in, have you seen this?

So, we [Democrats] should capitalize on finally having a voice and go with it! I say we get a Murtha and uber peace Mom, Cindy Sheehan, together to form a super anti-Iraq rally.  Let's turn this Murtha Out and everyone else, too!

Posted by Catherine on December 13, 2005
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Iraq IS one of the centers of terrorism - NOW - thanks to the incompetence and criminality of the Bushies. And it remains one because of our presence there.

Posted by: Scott | Dec 13, 2005 10:29:40 AM

The Repugs would make too much noise if Murtha appeared with Sheehan ... he has to get together with Feingold and similar.

Posted by: blogenfreude | Dec 13, 2005 10:33:58 AM

I agree with blogenfreude. Sheehan is a distinctly negative presence for the anti-war movement. She's shrill, insulting, and ungracious.

Murtha, at least, has a strategy.

Posted by: seamus | Dec 13, 2005 10:48:24 AM

yes, but if the two joined forces then perhaps she would become less shrill as you say? It also might legitmize the peace movement and bring about the spreading of the Murtha message.

Posted by: catherine | Dec 13, 2005 11:14:37 AM

Yes, yes. Um exactly.

Posted by: The Heretik | Dec 13, 2005 1:47:47 PM

Her shrillness isn't because of her position. It's because she communicates ("illegal war perpetrated by a corrupt, criminal, and unelected administration") like an angry leftist.

The problem is that most of the peace movement communicates this way. It's doomed to failure in non-Bay-Area America.

Posted by: seamus | Dec 13, 2005 6:53:42 PM

Catherine, you'll like today's post.

Posted by: David | Dec 13, 2005 8:19:20 PM

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