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AAAAhhhhhh, Lovebirds

This is a tale of two sweethearts who are shacked up together. One of them has a parrot. As we all know, parrots like to mimic. So, be careful what you say. Here is my interpretation:

Man: I love you.

Woman: I love you (yea, really)

Parrot: Hi Gary!

Man: Who is Gary?

Woman: Don't know, maybe a tv thing he heard

Man: You're probably right

Some time passes and then, wham!

Man and woman are starting to get it on.

Parrot: I love you, Gary

Man: What in the hell?????

Woman: Yea, I am cheating on you with Gary

Man: See you woman and oh, you too parrot because you keep saying 'I love you, Gary'

Okay, that is really wrong. The guy has a cheating girlfriend and then he has to dump his parrot?

Posted by Catherine on January 18, 2006
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Ha ha - Too bad the woman admitted to having Gary as her lover. Gary could have been either one's lover!

Posted by: oldwhitelady | Jan 21, 2006 12:55:31 PM

Oh, darn it! I didn't read the article, first. Now I did and I understand what you're saying:) Funny that the parrot kept saying "Gary". I like that article. It is hilarious!

Posted by: oldwhitelady | Jan 21, 2006 12:58:06 PM

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