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Grim Veeper Taken by Grim Reaper

We are sad announcing that Dick Cheney has finally his last heart attack. The Country is stunned and so is the rest of the World.

Reaction from France:

Oh, what iz theeze? That is -- how do you -- tre bon?

Reaction from Blue States:

What will Bush do without the actual manager of his administration?

Spain's reaction:

Que? We thought he was dead already.

Posted by Catherine on April 1, 2006
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Germany: Zee Fuhrer is dead?

Posted by: comandante agi | Apr 1, 2006 7:09:38 AM

Que, indeed.

Posted by: Hugh Knewit | Apr 1, 2006 9:20:58 AM

Oh, if only it weren't April Fool's day.

Wait, that sounds bad of me to say.

You know what I mean, though.

Posted by: mags | Apr 1, 2006 4:12:33 PM

Awwwww. Damn!

Posted by: Ann | Apr 3, 2006 6:25:50 AM

Sorry to get your hopes up with this April Fool's post!

Posted by: Catherine | Apr 3, 2006 5:57:22 PM

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