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Project Runway: VINdication

As I always say, Mags will do a kick ass wrap-up. Check it out.

They are still in Paris for most of this episode, but then they come back to be judged by the usual suspects. I have been enjoying Catherine Maladrino and loved the cruise on the Seine. And Richard Tyler - who is fab except for the mullet that he is sporting. Yes, it is a mullet. Fashion god or no fashio god, it is what it is.

The challenge and fittingly so (pun intended), is to design a couture gown. Kane, whom I love, over does it again, but his fabric choice may have saved him.

Laura and Vincent are the last two on the Runway. Laura's dress was so boring that not even my dead mother would wear, okay? I think that they tried to give her a warning. Do something else, please!

Vincent gets das boot. Cheers all around!

Best line of the week and maybe the season?

"I am sweating like a whore in church!" Michael. This is so becoming part of my lexicon. He tried really hard and that was noted.

Uli's gown was my favorite!

Posted by Catherine on September 6, 2006
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