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Project Runway: Black, White and Re-do?

Okay, the challenge was to make an outfit for a cocktail event using black and white fabrics. So, the episode had to have a twist, right?

So, the twist was that Angela and Vincent got to come back because they had previously won challenges. Some people were pissed and some were not. They did say that three designers would get das boot. Hmm, who will it be?

Jeffrey designed some LAMB wannabe outfit. Leggings for a cocktail party? Yea, NOT.

Laura designed a very un-Laura dress which was white with black lace over it. A cute neckline to boot.

She wins. She gets no immunity.

The judges decide to boot Angela and that tacky-ass shrug, Vincent the crazy. Who is the third? It was Kane.

While I love Kane, he just needs to stick with pagents and the sequin set. I'll miss him.

Posted by Catherine on October 4, 2006
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Did you watch the reunion show last night? Didja? Didja?

Posted by: Mags | Oct 5, 2006 12:35:08 PM

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