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An Interview with a Blogger

I consider myself a foodie because I love to eat. Of course, I love to eat well and healthfully as possible. Who doesn't love a triple cream? Or some organic strawberries? One of my favorite blogs is Chocolate & Zucchini which is written by Clotilde Dusoulier. I have her cookbook and so should you. I met her when she did a book signing in San Francisco. There is a new interview with her on news.com, so check it out. Here is a taste:

And you're going to continue blogging?
Dusoulier: Yeah, yeah. That's not going anywhere. I mean it's been for years now and I can't really imagine my life without having the blog. It's definitely become a big part of how I live and what I do. It's quite an important part of my life.

What are your habits? Do you write in the morning? Do you write in the evening?
Dusoulier: I write mostly in the morning for the blog, but the process for my blogging is quite spread out because there are different phases: when I cook, when I take pictures and when I correct the pictures, when I write the recipe and when I write the story. Then everything comes together. So it usually happens over a few days.

Posted by Catherine on September 24, 2007
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