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Hillary to Stream Her Endorsement

                                Dear Catherine,

I have been honored and privileged to work with so many dedicated people on Hillary's historic campaign. Your enthusiastic commitment to her campaign through the primaries has been inspirational.

As you know, Hillary will be holding an event tomorrow in Washington D.C. to thank all of her supporters, to express her support for Senator Obama, and to talk about the issues that have been at the core of her public service, the issues she will continue fighting for.

Hillary wanted to make sure her online supporters were a part of this special event, just as you have been a part of her campaign from the very beginning. So, we will be streaming it live over the website at HillaryClinton.com.

We invite you to visit our website tomorrow, Saturday June 7, at 12 p.m. EDT to watch Hillary speak live.

                                Thank you for everything you have done for our campaign.

                                Maggie Williams
                                Maggie Williams
                                Campaign Manager
                                Hillary Clinton for President

Posted by Catherine on June 6, 2008
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This situation has a lot of us angry. I understand why Hillary is doing what she's doing. At the same time, I sympathize with people like this:


It's kind of the culmination of a series of insults and injuries. Kind of makes sense in a very human way.

Posted by: Pam | Jun 6, 2008 11:03:30 PM

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