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Mark Leno for CA Senate

I cast my ballot this morning for Mark Leno to be my next California State Senator. Now, I could write about all of his awesome credentials and list numerous reason as to why, but I won't. I would prefer to tell you some personal stories about his crazy opponent and hope that you have not voted will join in me in supporting the best candidate.

His main opponent is Carole Migden and she has a lot of problems. First, she has had a run-in with the Fair Political Practice folks. She can't drive and I have seen her on the phone on I-80 on more than one occasion. Okay, now to some of the good stuff.

When I worked the CA legislature, she was a member of the assembly. She had more staff turnover than anyone else. Rumor has it that she hates khaki and one Friday afternoon when she decided to come back to the Capitol, she happened to call the office. The staffers who were wearing the offensive material were ordered to run home, change and be back before her arrival. There are others, but you get the point.

Posted by Catherine on June 3, 2008
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