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Obama Lovers Can't Blame HRC Any More

Posted by Catherine on June 7, 2008
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Obama lovers never blamed Clinton because Obama is going to win. That said, she still ran a dirty, dishonest and non-Democrat campaign that was shameful.

Posted by: Scott | Jun 8, 2008 7:45:27 AM

Did you not see these reports?

Maybe I am desensitized when it comes to these contests from having worked on so many of them?

Posted by: catherine | Jun 8, 2008 10:41:43 PM

I'm not going to give credence or time to anything with FOX in it for starters. That said, I am sure there were instances of blaming Clinton, and it is easy to understand it given the damage she has done in the last few months. That said, Obama is strong, beat her and has moved on. Whether Clinton finally began to atone for her terrible efforts in the primary with her latest speech, only time will tell. But to say the Obama folks are blaming HRC if they lose would be funny if not put next to the campaign of Clinton herself; wrapped tightly in racism, Jewish vote baiting, distortions, lies and innuendos.

Posted by: Scott | Jun 9, 2008 5:35:28 PM

Clinton said repeatedly that McCain would be a more qualified and effective commander-in-chief than Obama.

I'll stop blaming her when Obama wins the election.

Posted by: seamus | Jun 11, 2008 1:20:04 PM

Scott doesn't appear interested in the number of reports--all stifled by the DNC--of caucuses being illegally "won" by Obama. Especially in Texas and Washington, where there were last-minute rule changes, appropriation of ballots, and refusal to even allow non-Obama supporters to speak.

And as for the remark about McCain--the poster has taken it out of context. Clinton made the point that McCain was qualified to be cic, and she was qualified--ergo, she should be the one to run against McCain.

I have problems with Clinton, for sure, but not as many as I have with Obama. As early as 2004, I said that he was being propped up by the DNC to make sure Clinton didn't get the nomination. He does have a good voting record, but to me, he is a cardboard cut-out serving the DNC, and he is not nearly as "progressive" as he pretends to be. It isn't hard to spot the phoniness, but people do not want to see it. The cult-like Obama following scares me, and reminds me of nothing as much as it reminds me of the following of George W. Bush.

Posted by: Diane | Jun 12, 2008 6:46:31 AM

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