Ides of Liam

Today is my dog's 4th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Liam. This is a copy of the amazing portrait that my kick-ass friend, Laura painted. She has painted many other portraits which you can see here (and you should).

As for Liam, he is getting some bacon tonight from the fancy organic butcher shop and a new toy. He is going to be one happy terrier! Good boy!

Posted by Catherine on March 13, 2008
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Liam Gets A Presidential Nod from One CA Rep.

Liam_for_president2One CA Republican (not me, am Democrat) voted for my doggie, Liam. He did actually write him in as a protest, but we covered it so my last name doesn't appear here.

Posted by Catherine on February 5, 2008
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Liam Kicks Off Weekend Relaxing


Posted by Catherine on October 27, 2007
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Liam Speaks

Img_0036Liam says, "Woof! Woof! Happy Friday Everyone!"

Posted by Catherine on September 7, 2007
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Friday Dog Blogging

LiamnappingI got Liam napping with my camera phone. Sadly, it is not an iPhone because I have convinced myself to wait for the next gen.

Liam says TGIF!

Posted by Catherine on July 6, 2007
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Doggone Criminals

Let's take a look at O-hi-O, shall we?

A man shot his dog in the head. Charming.
the dog didn't die and was rushed to an emergency vet.
Poochie couldn't be saved. :(

The owner aka asshat was sentenced.
His sentence was reduced by agreeing to wear a Safety Pup outfit and visiting grade schools.
Creative. Odd.

Source: SFGate

Posted by Catherine on December 15, 2006
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Ok, so Old Navy had this bogus mascot contest where you can enter your dog. Right, so I entered Liam with this picture. He is a neighborhood favorite, after all!Liam

They held four fake casting calls where one of the judges even had the nerve to ask several questions about him, take his picture with her handheld and say that she wanted him. WHATEVER!

So, he is not selected -- I can live with that part, but then I get this email to vote for one of the six semifinalists. Ok, again not so bad. But, then I click over and the dogs that they "claim to have selected" are the same ones that ran in the ads for the contest!

The contest is/was BOGUS! Boycott Old Navy and their crappy clothes. Their will be another battle posted soon.

Posted by Catherine on July 14, 2006
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LGBTs Love Dogs, Too

A Swedish court imposed a fine on a petshop owner who refused to sell a dog to a woman once she discovered that the woman is a lesbian. WTF?

It is great to see this discrimination handled in a Court of Law. It sends that the signal that we are all equal. Yes, we are all equal. Join the campaign for Human Rights Campaign.

Posted by Catherine on March 31, 2006
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2006 Best in Show

Woof! Woof! Liam is pleased to announce that a fellow terrier has won Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

RufusHe holds no grudge for not being eligible to participate, but he knows that he could be in commercials if he could persuade his a certain blogger into taking him to obedience school.

Posted by Catherine on February 14, 2006
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Gratitious Liam Posting

Liaminfence "Hey, where is everybody? I want a burger, too!"

Posted by Catherine on December 15, 2005
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