Will You See "The Truth?"

Bushglobalwarming An Inconvenient Truth, the new movie about Al Gore's global warming crusade, opens today in NYC and LA.  In the San Francisco area the opening is next weekend.  Additional area openings are here.

Some of the reviews I've read have been very positive. On the movie website, they have a goal of one million "pledges" to see the movie the opening weekend.   So far, they're up to about 113,000.  So, will you see "The Truth?" 

One person who has said he won't see the movie is Dumb-Dumb.  Shocking!  Come on, Shrub!  It's not a book. There are words to read.  See it, you might learn something!  (Doubtful)

Posted by SourKraut on May 25, 2006
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