Friday's lunch

Roosevelt Tamale Parlor in the Mission. I enjoyed my lunch quite a bit and am full.


Posted by Catherine on July 18, 2008
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On the Way to Coffee

On the way to coffee
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Being a coffee addict, I feel compelled to try the latest and greatest. Four Barrel Coffee is having a soft opening vis-a-vie the back alley. If you roll up to their upcoming store front, you will see a map to the back.

My favorite part of the map? The notation of the local street worker. Oh, the coffee is delicious because they are currently using Stumptown beans.

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Maple Bacon Bar

Maple Bacon Bar
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On a recent trip to Portland, I had to go to VooDoo Donut. This place is a must see and if donuts don't do it for you, you can get married there, too.

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Important Decisions

BaconchartYou will have to click on it to make it bigger, I think. Basically, it is a bacon flow chart -- utterly brilliant! Hat tip: SourKraut

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This is where I am headed to today and am super excited! We are doing some barrel tasting as well. Oh, happy day! The camera batteries have been charged!

I think that you can still get tickets on their Web site.

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An Interview with a Blogger

I consider myself a foodie because I love to eat. Of course, I love to eat well and healthfully as possible. Who doesn't love a triple cream? Or some organic strawberries? One of my favorite blogs is Chocolate & Zucchini which is written by Clotilde Dusoulier. I have her cookbook and so should you. I met her when she did a book signing in San Francisco. There is a new interview with her on, so check it out. Here is a taste:

And you're going to continue blogging?
Dusoulier: Yeah, yeah. That's not going anywhere. I mean it's been for years now and I can't really imagine my life without having the blog. It's definitely become a big part of how I live and what I do. It's quite an important part of my life.

What are your habits? Do you write in the morning? Do you write in the evening?
Dusoulier: I write mostly in the morning for the blog, but the process for my blogging is quite spread out because there are different phases: when I cook, when I take pictures and when I correct the pictures, when I write the recipe and when I write the story. Then everything comes together. So it usually happens over a few days.

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Oh Happy Day!

I am extremely happy to report that the shitty-ass coffee place, Tully's has closed in my neighborhood! good riddance to your brown water coffee that is more like tea and tastes like ass.

While I should patronize this local chain, Martha & Brothers, I just can't bring myself to do so. Why? There are always some odd people who are always out front. So, what would make my day? PEET'S

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Some Joy

There are a few things that are making me really happy today although I have a killer headache.

1. The weather outside is fanfuckingtastic!

2. My lunch was leftover pizza that was super tasty.

3. Liam the wonderdog is seriously cute.

4. I get to go to my watercolor class tonight!

I feel very lucky today.

Posted by Catherine on August 20, 2007
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In 'Da Hood

If you have read this blog before, you know that I dwell in the City of San Francisco. Specifically, I live in a nice, non-touristy neighborhood called Noe Valley, errr, at times I affectionately refer to it as Nowhere Valley.

Our Board of Supes approved allowing three new restaurants to be opened in the nabe. Excellent, we could use some new blood! Sadly, none have opened to date. This could because of the oh-so-unique approach to zoning and permit approvals in my beloved city or people have run out of money/time.

It would seem that the author of In Praise of Sardines is one such of the people. His restaurant would be across the street for me and sounded delicious. I like to peek into the papered windows to see the progress, but nothing has happened in quite some time. Anyone have any insights?

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And The Point?

Okay, I was in Boston over last weekend. Can anyone tell me what is the deal with the Fried Dough? to be honest, I didn't try it. The stuff looks and smells nasty to me, but I noticed it at Fenway and some street carts.

Anyone? Endangered Coffee or Bostonist?

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