Eight Random Facts About Me

I have been tagged by Mags over at You Forgot Poland, so here it goes.

1. My only allergy is coconut. Random, but true.
2. I am not a big phone talker, I prefer in-person discussions or emails in a pinch. Some people think that this makes me a bad friend or aloof. Funny, but I find the phone impersonal.
3. In 2000, I lived in Boston for a few months. I moved there to work for a dot com that went dot bomb.
4. Liam is the cutest dog EVAH! (At least, in my mind.)
5. I read at least a book a week.
6. Is it August? I can't wait to take my second semester of watercolor class.
7. I wish that I got to see all of my friends more often. Why? Because they totally rock.
8. It is 12:17 and I am craving beer and pizza which would go well with the Sex in the City re-run that is on my teevee at the moment.

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Posted by Catherine on June 26, 2007
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