"Kenny Boy" Escapes Hangman's Noose

Kenlay Some would call it divine intervention, others call it the ultimate escape from justice.  Either way, Enron Corp.'s founder Ken Lay (dubbed "Kenny boy" by Dumb-Dumb) escaped hard time in the big house by dying today of a heart attack.  This comes six weeks after being convicted of fraud and conspiracy in the well-known Enron financial scandal.

I'm sad when anyone dies, but it's even sadder when criminals escape punishment. My favorite quote comes from White House spokesman Tony "Snowjob" Snow when asked if Dumb-Dumb had a reaction to Lay's death:

"The president has described Ken Lay as an acquaintance, and many of the president's acquaintances have passed on during his time in office."

Yes, yes indeed.  Many people have passed on during his time in office.  Like over 2700 U.S. servicemen and woman in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the countless other victims of his decisions.  Let's hope when it's time for Dumb-Dumb to face his judgment day, it won't have it so easy as Lay.

Posted by SourKraut on July 5, 2006
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Attack of the Plastic Kids?


Posted by SourKraut on May 17, 2006
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On a Lighter Note

So, you're at work or surfing while watching TV? I like games myself. Try the following:

Scrabble? Try eScrabble.

Keep the drunk upright (no, it is NOT me).

I attempt golf. Practice putting here.

Try this challenging game of fly a helicopter.

Posted by Catherine on March 3, 2005
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An Association of Professional Eaters?

So, while I was watching David Letterman last night one of the main features was Crazy Legs Conti. Why was he on  Letterman last night? He was trying to eat his way into the World Record on number of oysters eaten in a limited amount of time.

The magic number was 44 dozen or 528 oysters by the end of the show. His eating was monitored by Rich Shea who is the President of the Internationsal Federation of Competitive Eating. Yes, a professional assocation of eating. Fabulous.

No wonder the Wolrd thinks that we are overweight slobs who know or care very little about the world.

BTW, Crazy Legs Conti did not make his record.

Suprisingly, he is single ladies.

Posted by Catherine on February 22, 2005
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Handbag Heaven

Have i mentioned that there seems to be a blog about everything and anything? No. Okay, like most women I confess that I love purses and shoes. I have been toying with doing another blog about shoes. I have more pairs that I want to admit.

One of main loves, are Furla handbags. There leather is soft, like butter. I am now happy to report that with a one-stop handbag blog -- I can keep up on one of my habits. Take a gander at this blog.

On another note:

Happy Presidnet's Day! Here are some thoughts on a few of our Founding Fathers from SFGate. It is more than a paid holiday.

Posted by Catherine on February 21, 2005
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Bay Area Econ Lesson

As the tech bust continues, so does the disparity in those who have and those who do not. Lay-offs and dowsizing continue. Where are the job? How and when will our economy recover?

Learn more about the challenges that displaced workers are facing in this Mercury News article. It is eye-opening. What is Bush doing to ehlp California? What is the Govenator doing?

Posted by Catherine on January 30, 2005
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Forget Desperate Housewives

Forget about ABC's smash hit Desperate Housewives (although, I am hooked).

This poor guy in Milano, Italy is far more desperate.

He held up a sex shot, didn't like the amount of loot and then stole a "female companion" instead. He also scored her a leather outfit. This is from AP.

Posted by Catherine on January 20, 2005
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Off to NYC - Need Pizza Fix

About to board the plane for NYC. Anyone have any good recommendations for Pizza in Manhattan?

Posted by Catherine on December 16, 2004
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Wish I was here...

... skating atop the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Ahh...


Posted by Catherine on December 10, 2004
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