"I Hate That Guy," Says Newly Rich Punk

Barroid_714 Well, Barroid finally got it over with and hit number 714 today in Oakland.  Thank God.  I was tried of all the over-hyped attention he was getting while I was trying to watch a ball game.

The number 714 ball was caught by a 19-year old Oakland fan who later said in a news conference "I hate that guy" when asked if he would give the ball to Bonds.  Of course, he doesn't hate him enough to not sell the ball for hundreds of thousands of dollars some idiot collector will give him.

In classic Barroid fashion, Barroid said he was mystified by such sentiments. "I don't have any idea why anyone would express any hatred toward any other person that you don't know."

Um, maybe it's because you're a liar and an ass to your fans?

Posted by SourKraut on May 20, 2006
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Foul! MLB Wants Cut of Fantasy League Revenues

Anti_budselig_2 Major League Baseball says companies operating fantasy leagues must pay to use players' names and statistics.

I have just one word for Bud (Selig) and his cronies: WHORES.

Posted by SourKraut on May 15, 2006
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SF Giants: Racist, Dumb or Lazy?

As a long-time San Francisco Giants fan, I love supporting the team and going to games.  Even though I'm a season ticket holder, I still get sucked into the giveaways at some of the special events the Giants have, mostly the free hats or t-shirts when you buy a special ticket.  In the past, the SF Giants organization has had event like Irish Heritage Night, Singles Night and even LGBT Night.  It must be working since they've added all sorts of special event nights to the schedule.  This year they've included Japanese and Chinese Heritage Nights.  And here's my problem... Look at these two images from their special event pages on the SF Giants website:


You don't need to be Japanese or Chinese to realize the characters being used on the hats are the same, even though the two nationalities write entirely different.  So, is the SF Giants organization:

  • A.)   Racist (figuring all Asians look alike, so we must all write the same way?);
  • B.)   Dumb (not caring to even bother to check the write character symbol), or;
  • C.)   Lazy (figuring no one really cares, so why bother spending 10 extra minutes in Photoshop to fix)

I'm not being overly sensitive, or overly P.C., but come on, if you're going to market to a certain demographic, get their language right!  My gut feeling is that they are a combination of B and C., dumb and lazy.   What do you think?

Posted by SourKraut on May 12, 2006
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