We're on a break

I am alive and have been enjoying a break from the World of blogging. I am back and will be posting like i used to do. Missed y'all!

Posted by Catherine on March 18, 2007
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Saturday Shout Outs

I love this blog that a co-worker introduced me to, but caution where you open to do hot, gay and some times graphic pictures: Towleroad

The Food Section, what's not to like?

Got attitude? Read Elayne Riggs

Ok, I am off to a Wedding and a Baby Shower today. Stop by on Sunday!

Posted by Catherine on June 10, 2006
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Poetry in Motion

He is a poet and we all know it!

Please see the big news at the Heretik and get your copy before it is sold out and you are left out!

Honestly, you should read his poetry on a regular basis.

Posted by Catherine on May 31, 2006
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I have been called out by Sain't Christopher. Wow.

Posted by Catherine on March 14, 2006
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Sunday Scavenger Hunt

What is an apt sealant for a sailor? Think you know the answer? Find it and leave me a link!

Happy hunting!

Posted by Catherine on February 26, 2006
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Saturday ShoutOuts -- Shortie Style

Ahh, Paris! I live vicariously through this blog.

Pop Sugar always gives me a daily dose of celebrity gossip!

If rhymin’ is your game, take a gander at this!

Posted by Catherine on February 25, 2006
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A Pause

There will be blogging light here at PovertyBarn for a few days. Why, you ask? I am starting a new paying gig.

This shit is b-a-n-a-n-a-s!

Posted by Catherine on February 6, 2006
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Saturday Shout Outs -- Short Version

Go and check out some fabulous bloggers! Now, go outside and play!!!

Dlisted (Check out the dish on Lance Armstrong and Cheryl Crow)

You Forgot Poland! She is smart and sassy -- what else do you need?

Posted by Catherine on February 4, 2006
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Meme of Four

I have been tagged by the delightful Pepper of Daily Pepper. So, here it goes!

Four jobs they couldn’t pay you enough to do: Any job in the Bush Administration, slaughterhouse worker (agreed Ginger), person who runs the cremating fire/machine, crime scene cleaner .

Four movies you used to love and watched over and over to the point that now you have them memorized and the prospect of watching them again causes your eyeballs to bleed: Sixteen Candles, Caddyshack, The Breakfast Club, Grease.

Alternatively, four movies you loved when you saw them in the theater but don’t dare watch again for fear they won’t hold up: Lost in Translation, Eat Drink Man Woman, The Italian Job (need that big screen), Something About Mary.

Four places in the United States you've always thanked God you don't live even when you were living in Modesto, Ca: Bakersfield, CA; Any place in the States of Oklahoma, Alabama, Arkansas

Four places you would like to visit on an extended vacation: Ireland. Thailand. Africa. Tahiti.

Four TV shows you are strangely tempted to watch but have so far resisted: Bobby Brown's Reality Show. Everybody Hates Chris. The One with Gina Davis as President.

Four Websites that aren’t on your blogroll that you visit daily: Wonkette. BBCNews. DListed. Adventures of the Smart Patrol.

Four foods you don’t really like and can’t understand why you eat them but you eat them anyway and feel bad about it afterwards: Doughnuts. Meat in casing. Jello. Chorizo.

Four albums you never listen to anymore but can’t bring yourself to trade in at Tower Records: Soup Dragons. Journey, Escape CD. Enya albums. Think that is it since, my entire CD collection was stolen back in '99, it sorta cleaned out the embarassing stuff. Err, almost did.

Four places you’d rather be but sadly won’t be any time soon: Like Pepper and Ginger, I’m pretty happy to be here in San Francisco. But rather than here at work I’d rather be having a Cafe Creme and Criossant at Tartine. Sailing on the bay. Drinking somewhere overlooking the coast. Taking a long walk or hike with views of the bay.

the following can consider themselves tagged: Shakespeare's Sister, Seamus at Range Life, blogenfreude because it makes him cross and Diane at DED Space. I look forward to seeing your answers posted on your blogs.

Posted by Catherine on January 4, 2006
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5 Random Facts

I have been tagged by Ginger over at Pell-Mell and here goes:

1. I am allergic to coconut. Seriously.

2. Can drink lots of coffee/lattes in mass quantities at any time of the day or night.

3. My favorite reality teevee programs are: The Amazing Race and Project Runway. Yes, the family edition sucked.

4. One of my favorite treats for breakfast: bagels, lox, cream cheese with tomato, red onion and capers.

5. Once, as a child, I ate 32 pancakes in one sitting at Sear's Fine Foods.

Okay, it is time to tag some others: Cookie, T-Rex and the Heretik and Detroit Diva, too.

Posted by Catherine on December 21, 2005
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